Guiding Principles

Maya Rose products are formulated around a strict set of standards. Our formulating principles are statements of what we accept and what we reject, and are based on our company’s philosphy. We try to carry our philosophy through in all aspects of Maya Rose, and the work of Living Color Products.

Yes’s and No’s

Yes Organic!

Because “organic” has recently become a business word, there is a lot of discussion and regulation of its meaning. For us, the meaning has not changed. Organic means deeply natural, of nature, free from pesticides, herbicides, GMO, and synthetic fertilizers. It is natural plants arising naturally from the natural soil. Can we be more clear than that?

Yes Herbal!

This we cannot emphasize enough. So many cosmetic companies today have products made from a combination of petroleum and animal products. So many use a combination of natural and non-natural ingredients, and still call them natural. We will never do this! Our suggestion for all products is simply: R.T.I… Read The Ingredients!

Yes the Senses!

We believe in the wisdom of the senses, and the art of fragrance. All Maya Rose products are designed to elevate the senses entirely. This may be your first encounter with Maya Rose. Smell it, feel it… what do your senses tell you?

Yes Beauty!

We believe that beauty is not an accident or a gift, and in fact cannot be bought. And beauty is not without cause, without creation. Finally it is the result of our beautiful thought. At Maya Rose, we prepare to bring the beautiful thoughts of the natural world to the beauty that you know. We have confidence that the meeting of these two will be real beauty.

No Synthetics

People are nature, healing is natural balance, health is beauty, and everything that people need to heal exists in within the reich abundance of the natural world. So no to synthetic preservatives, fragrances, or petroleum by-products. No parabens, no chemical colors, no solvents, no thickeners, emollients, humectants, stabilizers. We even say NO! to plants compromised by insecticides and preservatives.


GMO refers to genetically modified herbs, which are extremely common today. We do not support this. The living cell is the architect of future life, and the process of its change and evolution occurs within a continuous web of relations in the natural world. GMO products turn the cell into an engine of immediae corporate profit, and utterly disregard the complexity of the present environment as well as the millions of years of complex evolution which have made the cell exactly wht it is. We regard this as a dubious and unnatural practice, and we never knowingly use GMO products in Maya Rose.

No Harm

No harm, no side effects to the skin, neither to you, nor to animals, nor to the environment. This is the “Cruelty Free” promise of Maya Rose. We use the safest natural ingredients, and we never do animal testing. We use paper boxes and glass bottles, not plastic. Recycle them please.