Welcome to Maya Rose

Maya Rose Cosmetics was founded in the lush and fertile area of the Pacific Northwest. This bountiful environment informed our ethos by highlighting the immense potential and power of nature to act as an ameliorating agent. The vivacity present in the natural, wild ingredients we incorporate into our products does not revive your skin so much as it gives your skin the vitality to restore itself. At Maya Rose, we are committed to conserving the pure essence of nature in each one of our products.

Our Mission

Our company is built on the principles of sustainability, conservation and enrichment. These ideas apply to both your skin and the environment as they are inexorably intertwined. All of our ingredients are replenishable and oftentimes organic in order to safeguard against the depletion of our natural resources and toxic contamination. A healthy environment and healthy skin go hand in hand. By promoting one, we believe we are stimulating the other and we hope you will join us in fostering this well-being.

Our Ingredients

Maya Rose products are designed to preserve the pure and beneficent natural extracts of our ingredients. Whenever possible, we maintain the unadulterated makeup of our raw materials in order to sustain the inherent natural salubriousness and vivacity. Most of our ingredients are processed shortly after they are harvested, ensuring the retention of essential vitamins and minerals.

Our Philosophy

Earth, the Great Source

Plants and all life, including people, are a vast continuum on this Earth. Beauty is found in the process of realizing and wisely embracing this essential truth in a beneficial way. This is the principle of constant richness and abundance

Because we believe this, we believe it is wrong to step outside of nature for our ingredients. Not only the key ingredients, but all the ingredients that make up our products. This is why Maya Rose products contain the greatest amount and greatest concentration of natural, wild, and organic ingredients of any skin care products we know. Read the ingredients!

Knowledge, the Great Means

The knowledge we apply to our products is a convergence of East and West. Living in Oregon, we are surrounded by trees, plants, and a natural environment that speak to us every step we take. Specifically, we use a Western depth ecology approach to our sources and general principles, along with an Eastern sensitivity to balance and the holistic benefit of herbal therapy. We add to this a predisposition towards health and beauty, and a love of all the sense in every way we can.

Natural Beauty, the Great Witness

We think there is a common misperception that a beauty is a gift or accident of nature, or failing that, that beauty can be bought or magically create. We turn this around and say that beauty is a result. Not particularly the result of youth or the result of wealth, but the result of a happy partnership between knowledge of ourselves and the environment in which we live. Maya Rose products are designed to bring the most perfect elements of nature directly to you, to your skin, and to help you develop, support, and maintain your natural beauty.